Facebook Messenger App to replace SMS?

on August 11, 2011 | Facebook Mobile | Comments (0)

Facebook has released a new iPhone and Android application in the US – Facebook Messenger, that has the potential to replace SMS.

The application will allow you to message any of your Facebook friends, like you would an SMS, except there are no carrier/ telco charges as the messages are sent over the internet.

I can see this being great for people on pre-paid when credit is low, or just your regular Facebook addicts.

This is in many ways similar to free calling and SMS application, Viber – which allows you to make free calls and messages to other people with Viber over the internet, thus also similar to Skype in ways.

This is a great innovation by Facebook as this will surely get even deeper user engagement.

Unfortunately the application is not yet available in the Australia iTunes store.

facebook messenger australia not yet

As soon as the App is available in the Australian iTunes store we will let you know.

Can’t wait to test this out.

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