Facebook, Microsoft and Apple v. Google

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Google is the undisputed champion of internet search and it seems that the other players have simply been lurking around in its shadow, looking for a way to make their light shine brighter than this search engine giant. For a long time, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have been trying to dethrone the reigning internet king, and they have come to a realisation that their combined light could be the only way to outshine Google. This merger could create the ultimate triple threat which is what will leave Google trembling in its high-power heels. A loose merger in which all the three players benefit could be the only way to weaken the dominating player and ultimately loosen its grip on the internet market.

No-one has everything

In the internet world, Apple has the money and Facebook has the people, but Google dominates mobile, search and online revenues from advertisement. Google however is lagging behind in Social, despite all the effort that it has put towards this venture through Google+. What all these technology giants know is that if Google is able to penetrate into social, its reign will be supreme and it will be literally unstoppable as it will establish itself as the dominating power in the online world.

Something is missing? 

However, the other three players each lack an element that the other players have. Facebook requires a search engine as well as a platform that will help it to increase its revenue from advertisements. Apple on the other hand needs to be seen as more than a company that manufactures great devices. It has a balance sheet that will help it to redefine itself hopefully using Apple TV. It can make its bed with Facebook and take advantage of the user numbers that this social media network boasts of.

Bing in for the long haul search battle 

Microsoft on the other hand wants to use social search to beat Google, and it has also recently partnered with Encyclopaedia Britannica in order to improve the results that users get whenever they key in a search query. This could not match up to Google’s omniscient knowledge graph, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Facebook is uniquely large 

The common player in this merger is definitely Facebook and this social media network could be what the other giants need to completely thwart Google’s dominance. Facebook and Bing have created a merger that has redefined social search and this went very well with Bing users. This is because, unlike Google which incorporated social into its search results by including results from Google+, Bing created a different sidebar for results from Facebook. The argument was that social should complement search without necessarily compromising it. This was a great observation on Google’s part and users were quite happy with this.

Social search with Facebook friends 

The Bing social sidebar definitely scores some major cool points with users, and it also includes a feature where users can ask their Facebook friends questions regarding a particular search query. This has definitely gone down well with users and the result is that Bing has been able to bridge the gap between it and Google. All these may not be able to match up to the Knowledge graph, but it shows that Microsoft has realized that it will need to pull up its socks when it comes to competing with Google.

Apple and Facebook are on good terms 

Apple on the other hand wants a union of the minds with Facebook for the purpose of convenience. The two have already announced an engagement of sorts and it seems that a perfect union is in the making. Facebook will be integrated into the newest version of iOS and this could not have come at a better time. This is because Facebook recently launched an App center and this could drive significant traffic to the Apple’s app store since most applications already required Facebook authentication and sign up.

iTunes and Facebook – will it ever happen?

Apple and Facebook could just be in the beginning of their union and it seems as if there could be other plans of working together in the future through Apple TV. With this merger, Facebook could be able to get the advertising base that it needs as more and more companies are looking for ways to create better advertisements. This could be the monetisation strategy that Facebook has been looking for all this time. Apple could also use Open graph from Facebook in iTunes so that users can share what they are listening to or watching with their friends.

A move to television? 

Facebook-Apple merger through Apple TV could be what is needed to thwart the efforts of Google’s YouTube and Google TV. A triple union could be able to help the three giants establish themselves and hopefully take a huge bite of the market share. More and more companies are shifting towards social, internet and mobile technologies for advertising and this triple union will ensure that these companies get to the top of the industry. These companies are hot on the heels of Google and may be with each other’s help, these ‘friends’ will get to the finish line together.

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