Facebook – Zynga

on February 9, 2012 | Facebook Zynga | Comments (0)

Facebook has just made an amendment to their filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). More importantly it reveals there is much more than meets the eye between Facebook and Zynga.

Here is a summary of the update:

  • Facebook wants to help Zynga build their social gaming platform on-top of the Facebook platform
  • Both FB and Zynga are going to work towards certain user goals
  • Facebook will be Zynga’s exclusive Social Gaming platform, ie not on Google Plus!
  • Zynga will put Facebook ads on all their web properties (including their own external websites?) and share revenues – this is a big move for both parties.

This is more than any ordinary developer relationship. It seems if you are looking to play social games, Facebook is well and truly cementing their dominance in this space, allowing little competition from Google Plus.

When Zynga filed for IPO they told the SEC they have 232 million monthly active users playing their games on Facebook.

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