Foursquare Shows Us What 500 Million Check-ins Look Like, Australian Usage Still Significant

on January 24, 2013 | General | Comments (0)

Over the last 3 months, Foursquare users have checked in 500 million times all around the world.

The team at Foursquare have put together this neat infographic showing a world map with the check-ins, giving us an interesting visual on where the service is most used.

Lets look at Australia:

We can see users are mainly checking into capital cities on the east cost of Australia. There is some regional use, but not a lot. No surprises here really.

Looking at Sydney:

We can see a majority of the check-ins for Sydney are in the CBD and inner city area. Again not really surprising as people come to the city to for entertainment.

Looking at the USA:

This is rather interesting. Foursqure was notoriously founded and based in New York city. We can see the east cost of USA has strong Foursquare usage, whilst the west coast is much less (also due to the population of the west coast being much lower).

What happens on the west cost of USA? Do people just check-in with Facebook instead?

Looking at Europe and some parts of South East Asia there is also high Foursquare usage. In terms of the business itself, Foursquare has been under pressure lately to satisfy private investors and prove that the company can produce sustainable revenues.

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