Free Facebook Likes

Do you want free Facebook likes to your Facebook Fanpage? Of course you do….. Follow the below steps exactly, and you can start getting Free Facebook Likes today.

1. Click the following link to signup to YouLikeHits (page will open in new window):

(This site allows members to get Free Likes, Twitter Followers, Digg Followers, StumbleUpon followers, YouTube views etc

2. Once you signup, login and add your Personal Facebook account to the site. Click on the Facebook tab, then Facebook settings.

3. Next step is to enter in the full URL of your Facebook fanpage including the http://

4. Set how many points you want to give away when someone likes your page. Around 5 is good.

5. Click on the Facebook tab and like 1 or 2 pages. This will activate your account and get your Fanpage will drop into the list.


David Cowling :

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  • Wouldn't you think that an initiative such as this deters against what social networks are about? Especially for a business page?

    i.e – you're cultivating non-qualified, generic likes to an audience that know's nothing of your brand, your company or what you're about and just like your page for 'points'?

    Essentially leading to a higher number of fans, that perhaps may not drive conversions as they are not a relevant audience?

    This post is rather bizarre in my opinion.

  • Hi Rush,

    Thanks for your comment. But to be honest with you a lot of people who don't understand Social Media Marketing will quickly shut down this idea and say: 'why do this you? want quality fans'.

    It's all about perception in the social media world.

    Yes – with your Facebook Fanpage you want quality fans who will interact with your business – I agree hands down with that.

    The problem with this is that it takes a long time to gain a number of these 'quality fans'.

    ALSO – if you have a low number of people following your business on Facebook this may turn off other users (possibly quality fans) from Liking your page.

    If you 'bulk up' your number of likes this will change the way your business/ fan page is perceived – ie

    user visits your site/fanpage and you have a small number of fans: –

    "ooo this business doesn't have many fans, they must not be all that popular/ good – i wont like this page.. moving on"

    compared to a user visiting your site/ fanpage with lots of fans: –

    "hmm this business has a decent following on Facebook, they seem to be quite popular even for a small business, maybe I will like their page and see what it's all about".

    In the world of social media you need to pull out all tricks and tactics to grow your online presence.

    I have seen a clear correlation between the number of fans you have to how many new Likes you generate. It's quite simple – if people see a big number of fans they are more likely to click Like than if you have a small number. So I believe it's good to build your number to 1000+ and then let natural progression take it's place.

    You don't want to miss out on quality fans now do you?

    Thanks for your comment

    • Charlotte

      I think all likes are good likes 😉

  • Hello Sir,

    i want ask you..that how we can increase our fb page likes.

  • Hello, you need to follow steps 1-5 above exactly.