Google – 94% of Australian Web Searches

I was having a look over at recently and specifically their public reporting tool This tool lets you see search engine, browser, mobile search stats etc for almost every country in the world.

What has always been interesting is seeing the strength of the Google brand in Australia and how basically everyone uses Google Search, end of story.

According to Statcounter and their Australian figures - Google accounts for 94.11% of the total web searches in Australia.

Bing comes in second with 4.25% share, and Yahoo third with 1.37%

Other making up the remaining 0.27%.

Whilst Statcounter is a predominantly US tool, they do report Australian stats for a number of segments and it is still a good indication of how the market fairs here.

I myself do actually use Bing and Yahoo in conjunction with Google. In the world of SEO you can’t just concentrate on Google (well you could in Australia), but to be ‘proper’ you look at all Search Engines.

I do pick up a couple hundred visits from Bing and Yahoo every month – those visits are handy and not do be discounted.

Considering Yahoo is now powered by Bing I would recommend you at least submit your site to Bing and add a sitemap to their webmaster portal here:

Also considering that Microsoft/ Bing has ownership and a search agreement with Facebook, and also a search agreement with Twitter it is definitely worth seeing how their product evolves.

So what Search Engine do you use – Or do I even need to ask? Maybe you use all of them like me.

Are you happy with the search competition in Australia – or maybe it is of no concern?

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