Google Chrome Store arriving this October

google-chrome-osGoogle is launching Google Chrome OS and its e-commerce webstore is becoming available October this year. Google Chrome apps are online or by downloading the extension plugins as a link to Google Chrome. As you know, Google Chrome OS is actually more of a browser. It has the link to the application, which operates online and keeps stored your Google account.

chrome-os-logo The Chrome Web store can be accessed on this link now that guides you to the Chrome OS and its web applications and what they are going to do on the web and in their app like store. Most noticeably the store will have web apps similar to current Google apps like Calendar, Email, Docs etc.

Thes apps will be developed by Google developers and also 3rd party developers, then featured on the Chrome web store. You can relate it to the chrome extension gallery. The Chrome OS store will also have many fun apps and games (paid and free) that will be having options to subscribe, try the trial versions or just choose from the free games.

I am fairly interested in the Chrome OS and the apps they are developing for its users. Google is working for us to make us independent to use any tool without relying on other tools like we do now in traditional operating systems. For installing a software, we require many other software or platforms or watching a movie, we need a number of players or plugins for each extension. Chrome OS will feature apps built on HTML5 platform and other modern web techniques that will save our time and money. You can try playing the Gmail game purely built on HTML5 and also check out HTML5 studio featuring amazing works performed in HTML5 by developers across the web. Google is not the only company pushing hard on HTML5. Microsoft and Apple are also delving deep into building HTML5 applications.

What do you think about this Chrome Web Store? Will you use it? If you have any comments feel free to leave them below?

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