Google PageRank Update – 8 November 2012

on November 8, 2012 | PageRank | Comments (10)

It seems Google has updated their Toolbar PageRank indicator today, 8th November 2012.

I am pretty happy. has gone from PR4 to PR5 has gone from PR0 to PR4 – big jump

Most of my other smaller sites have remained the same.

I have noticed many other publishers in Australia (somewhat similar to SocialMediaNews are still on PR4).

Many people say not to worry about Pagerank anymore, but it is one of the very few indications from Google if your site is gaining strength and going in the right direction.

How did your site(s) go?

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  • info1112

    mine jumped from 0 to 3.

  • Congrats David, you got a pretty nice Page Rank, best of luck. Happy Blogging.

  • Yes, I too noticed. My homepage PR remained same but latest articles got good PR this time.

  • Nope, mine stayed the same PR5

  • I noticed while I was updating my site. My main page went from 2 to 3 and my sub pages went up from 1 to 2. My main page has had the same pr2 for 2 years. I changed my approach since the last page rank and it worked!!!

  • Today is my saddest day , There is no pr increase for my site . I thought of getting atleast PR 1 , but now i have to wait another atleast 3-4 month. Also today i found out , Akismet marking my comment as spam. what a bad times for me. Well admin i hope you will mark my comment as not spam.


  • Linda Bell

    I have one question that is..
    For example: I don't know the Pagerank of my site first and know it as been updated.So how to know the pagerank first what it was..??

  • Rob

    Mine jumped from 2 – 3 but I am just curious, why does my non www. site have a lower rank than my www. site?? (I redirect www. to non www.)

  • It was indeed a big jump for most sites! I am so happy that my SEO efforts has paid off. I wonder if this is their way to gain back the market share they lost.

  • Hey Rob, as far as I know, www. and non-www. are rated seperately, so if you are back linking you should make an effort to use one or the other exclusively for linking purposes. This is also the same for websites that have pages with and without .html .asp or .index at the end. If both page versions are well ranked you gain 2x back links off what is essentially 1 page. Maybe check your wordpress settings if you want to set a single, preferred url and try removing the redirect.