Google PageRank Update – May 3/4 – 2012

on May 4, 2012 | PageRank | Comments (2)

Google is currently updating the Google PageRank displayed in toolbars and SEO plugins.

As many of you know, Google ranks every website in the world from a scale of 0-10 – 10 being the highest/ most authority. A new website always starts at N/A.

This measurement mainly depends on your sites Search Engine Optimisation and how many incoming links you have point to your site. Do note getting a PR of 1 or 2 is fairly easy. Any incremental gain from there is much harder to achieve.

Leading sites like Twitter has a PR of 10, whilst many quality sites can range from 4-7.

Many debate this metric is not really useful but it is one of the very few metrics Google give back on individual sites.

Maybe Google should remove pagerank all together so we stop fussing about this?

After reviewing this update many people are reporting either no change or a decrease, and only a few are noting gains from my discussions.

Check your website, have you had any change in your pagerank?

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