Google+ Pages to get Google Analytics

on March 14, 2012 | Google + | Comments (4)

Over the coming weeks it looks like tracking and measurement tools like Google Analytics will be added to the Google+ social network.

This is a good move by Google to provider further tools to businesses using their social network and help them understand the impact Google+ has on their social media marketing.

As I have always speculated, Google +1’s on your content will ultimately impact your SEO. Google goes on to say:

Google’s measurement tools will soon make it easier to understand Google+  activity: what people are saying about your business, how many +1’s your  business receives and how these affect your traffic.

So with Google’s new Analytics for G+ we are likely to see:

– demographic data of users interacting with your page
– number of +1’s
– number of shares
– number of comments

Google will also be adding further enhancements to their social network over the coming weeks – including updates to the Google+ API.

I am looking forward to this as at the moment all content has to be manually uploaded to the site. I would like to see (as i’m sure many other publishers) a facility where we can auto upload our content and articles, instead of this manual process.

Facebook has a very rich set of widgets and social plugins, so hopefully we see Google develop some of their own unique products in this space.

You can read more about the Google+ updates and analytics here:

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