Google Plus December Updates

on December 20, 2011 | Google Plus | Comments (0)

Google has recently made a number of useful changes to their social networking site, Google+.

Stream Control

You may have various different circles in your Google+ account, eg Family, Friends, Colleagues, etc etc.

You now have the option to decide how much of a particular circles updates get into your stream. Anything from ‘everything’, to ‘some’, to ‘nothing’.

Here is the video Google put together showing off this feature:

Google+ Pages Upgrades

3 keys upgrades to Google+ Pages, being:

  • Multi-manager support, allowing a number of users to be the page administrators
  • Notification tab updates
  • Unification of +1 and follower accounts

Here is the video from Google explaining these new features:

Google+ Photo Enhancements

Google have made some changes in displaying photos in a more high quality display, and also introduced a new photo tagging system.

Here is the video showing the new photo upgrades:

It seems Google has been busy working hard on G+ functionality. Will this help spur on user-engagement? Only time will tell.

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