Google Plus – What does the Future Hold?

on May 23, 2012 | Google Plus | Comments (3)

Google PlusGoogle has created such internet relevance it is now considered a clean and simple tool which everyone would like to carry and use wherever they go. Google has so many applications associated with it, and recently, Google Plus, which is a social network, joined the line of Google innovations. Others have criticized this innovation saying that it is trying to create solutions where there are no problems while others have mistakenly assumed that it was created to replace Facebook and other major social media networks. However, the name itself suggests that there is a lot more to Google Plus than a mere social media network where people complain about their pets and their homework.

Google+ is here for the long haul 

Those criticizing Google plus have wondered just how long it will last before it is kicked to the curb, but anyone who knows anything about Google can be rest assured that this social website is not going anywhere. Google have been very innovative in recent years and one can be sure that this trend is not about to stop anytime soon. Google plus has a great future, especially if it is able to solve the problems that have dogged other social networks in the past.

Integration of all Google Properties 

The future of Google plus will definitely include all the other applications that Google is renowned for. It is possible that people will start seeing Google AdWords in Google Plus and this will enable these Pay Per Click advertisements to have a larger audience. Such advertisements are the major source of income for social media networks, and if they are in plenty, Google Plus will definitely thrive financially.

More and more Apps will be built

Google has been known for innovative applications, and it is likely that this will also be the case with Google Plus. Google plus is bound to have applications that will keep members coming and staying on for as long as possible. Such applications could be aimed at entertaining members or helping to make their work easier. Google is likely to incorporate websites such as YouTube into Google plus as well as tools such as Google translate and language tools in order to reach as many people as possible.

Google maps will also take center stage in the future of Google plus in order to help people to point out exactly where they are when giving updates. Services such as Hotpot, Picasa, Google Friend Connect and Google voice will also feature prominently in Google Plus. In short, Google plus will be on a different level where it will have all the applications of Google integrated together in order to improve socialisation among friends and family.

Professional Social Network 

Google plus is also expected to steer away from meaningless chat between idle people to professional communication among individuals and businesses. This is because all these tools make professional work very easy, and most businesses may shift to Google plus in order to communicate well amongst themselves and to their potential consumers.

For Google to get to this point, it needs numbers, and it is trying its best in this department, considering that it has only been around for a short while. However, it has started a slow but sure campaign, and it is bound to get the essential numbers after some time. Luckily for Google Plus, it does not need to have the 900  million members that Facebook boasts of so as to attain its goals.

Innovate in new and unique ways

Google Plus could go places in future if it is able to solve some of the problems that have plagues Facebook and other social media networks in the past. The major problem that most social media networks experience is the issue of privacy. Google plus may have better tools for managing circles which will help to prevent the infringement of privacy.

Brand Power 

Google is already a recognised brand name, and it is obvious that they will use this reputation to make Google Plus as popular as possible. Google plus is  more than a social network, and it is most likely going to help in Search Engine Optimisation and in the generation of traffic to websites in the future. Google Plus definitely has a place in the future of the internet and social media networks. It will give other social media networks a run for their money mostly because of all the applications that will be integrated into it – creating one central place for social activities.

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