Google removes support for IE6 in Docs and Sites

on August 24, 2010 | Social Media | Comments (0)

ie6mustdieGoogle has now also joined the movement to kill off Internet Explorer 6 . Google is removing support for IE6 in its two main services Docs & Sites. Google has already removed support for IE6 in YouTube and it was already advising users with IE6 like older browser to upgrade to new browsers like in Orkut, Gmail, Wikiepedia etc. but now it will completely remove support for IE6 in Docs and Sites from March 1. IE6 users will see the message to upgrade to modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. and many functionalities in these services are already not working for them.

Last year many companies have already removed support for IE6 and advised other sites to remove support for Internet Explorer 6 too. IE6 users are also not happy with this browser. It lacks  all functionalities that modern browsers have and also it is more vulnerable to attacks. Most of the IE6 users are using it because it is the default browser in their windows systems and they are not much aware of upgrading it or users in Colleges, Companies that are also not interested in browsing the web more efficiently.

But we all have to agree that people must stop using IE6 for the web to move on. IE6 can’t handle the modern web applications and modern web development techniques. So all users and enterprises should upgrade to modern browsers and operating systems too and leave the old ones. With Google many other web services will also phase out support for IE6 and Google will also continue this with its other services. We support Google for the steps and hope IE6 users will upgrade to new browsers or miss the modern web experience.

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