Google+ shoving Instant Upload on us?

on February 16, 2012 | Google Plus | Comments (0)

Google Instant UploadGoogle has rolled out an update to their Google Plus iPhone application, very prominently trying to get users to turn on Instant Upload.

What is Instant Upload?

Every time you take a photo or video on your phone this will be automatically uploaded to your Google Plus account when you open the Google+ app.

Thankfully they have some sense as it goes into a Private Album, which you can then decide to share individual photos.

After the update you are presented with this screen – all you have to do is press continue and from now on all your pictures and videos will automatically upload.

Does Google not realise what sort of silly pictures and videos we take on our smartphones??.. Why on earth would we want to upload this to a ‘social network’.. It’s madness.

Image if Facebook did this – it would turn into a privacy meltdown.

Thanks Google, but I’m happy to manually select and decide what photos I’ll upload to a social networking site 🙂

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