Google’s Schmidt talks FTC, Social Media and Facebook

on October 7, 2011 | Google | Comments (0)

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has talked to US Media about their possible FTC investigation, Social Media and how Google Plus and Facebook will compete.

Google is currently being investigated by the FTC to see if they have violated anti-trust laws in the way Google ranks websites when users run web searches.

Here is the video:

It’s interesting to note Google Executive, Marissa Mayer, has previously admitted that:

“[When] we roll[ed] out Google Finance, we did put the Google link first. It seems only fair right, we do all the work for the search page and all these other things, so we do put it first… That has actually been our policy, since then, because of Finance. So for Google Maps again, it’s the first link.”

If you have a spare hour, you can see Marissa explain all thi (Please note this video is from 2007):

Skip to 44:30 if you want to hear the comments about ranking Google Finance first (and also Maps). Surely the Google policy has changed since this video in 2007.

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