Hotmail finally ditches advertising tagline in footer

Hotmail is one of the most popular free web-based email sites in the world, and now known by many as Windows Live.

Hotmail launched in 1996 and grew very fast to an audience of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Microsoft purchased Hotmail a short while later for US$400 Million.

Ever since you can remember all messages had an advertising link/ tagline in the footer of emails. There was no way to remove this – the message was put their automatically.

Microsoft has now finally decided to remove this tagline.

Brian Hall, Microsoft’s general manager of the Windows Live Business Group commented: ‘We want to start respecting the inbox’. ‘But some people don’t think it’s professional’

As an avid user myself I have always found Hotmail ‘just fits’ for me, and i am glad that this restriction is being removed as I would say that was the one issue with using Hotmail.

Hall also said marketing emails sent my Microsoft will be cut down, and if users are not opening the emails then Microsoft will stop sending them all together.

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