How Little Blogs Become Big

on May 27, 2011 | Blog | Comments (0)

So you have a small blog, and one day dream that you could be a large media conglomerate dominating your particular industry. Yep.

So the question is, how do ‘little blogs’ become big?

I’ve always taken the approach of one day at a time – every day you work on your blog it gets that little big stronger, but here are some more practical tips that could help you grow your blog.

1. Show passion and persistence in what your are blogging about. Keep at it till people start to take notice of you. If you blog for a month and you don’t get much traffic, go harder, post more, don’t give up.

2. Use Social Media and SEO to grow your traffic organically and fast. Social Media provides real time access to millions of users if you can get in front of them. Look at the front page of for inspiration on viral social content.

3. Experiment with your content and do it frequently. Sometimes you need to say something controversial to spark a reaction from your readership and get them sharing your content.

4. When you create your content, do it in an affordable manner. If you are a new blog chances are most of the posts written will be yourself. Encourage guest bloggers and user interaction. If it takes you 2 hours to write a blog post, chances are your writing method is not efficient to be viable in the long term.

5. Focus on a particular niche and portray yourself as a subject matter expert.

6. Look to monetise your site, offer advertising and use this money to increase your traffic even further.

7. Develop partnerships with other sites and authors. Build on their networks if possible and come across as a ‘good internet citizen’ by offering them something in return and make this seen.

8. Expand your skills. If you work in the online world learn about servers, web hosting, setting up email, using analytical tools, practice graphic design and resizing images. The more work you can do yourself, the lower your costs will be. Over time you will be surprised how much more you can learn.

9. Choosing your domain is important. You have 2 choices:
– Your actual name on a TLD. This means your name is your brand. You may change niches in the future but your name will always stay the same (hopefully). It would be hard to sell the site in the future though.
– Otherwise pick a domain name related to your niche/keyword, and of course this could easily become a sell-able asset in the future.

We hope some of these tip help you in your quest to be a BIGGER blog. Of course – if you have any tips to add, please share.

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