How Mark Zuckerberg Intends to Repair Facebook’s Battered Image

on July 21, 2010 | Facebook | Comments (0)

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will sit across from ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in his most high-profile interview since 2008. Sawyer interviews Mark interviewed on 60 Minutes in 2008.

Facebook’s CEO does not give many interviews publicly, and for good reason: he it melted in the headlights at the D8 conference this year. When Zuckerberg agrees to exclusive interview on national television, you know he has something important to say.

What message Zuckerberg want to convey to the American public? and the world?

Changing the Narrative

We expect to use Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on the national stage to announce that the world’s largest social network has more than 500 million users. This is one of the most significant milestone in the history of company and the timing fits.

Bring Sawyer headquarters Facebook does several things. First humanizes Facebook by posting a determined, intelligent, happy team. Second, Zuckerberg has a chance to throw in a positive light and get into a sympathetic character again. Finally, there is a chance for Zuckerberg to get its message directly to the public, the media and the latest blogosphere.

Of course, there are risks: Sawyer is a researcher with experience, and we doubt that Zuckerberg stalled in the protection of personal information that has affected society. However, familiarity with Zuckerberg, Sawyer (it was he who was interviewed on 60 Minutes) mitigates some of these risks. However, he got the message in his interview of 60 minutes, which was for two years.

While the announcement is likely to be the milestone of half a million users, the core of his message is more likely to be on the utility and connectivity of Facebook, and the positive impact of world change has taken our society. If you’re smart, that will bring the stories of families how Facebook has reconnected and friends, and talk of future plans online. This positive message is what the CEO of Facebook will try to deliver.

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