How to Blog Faster

on November 23, 2011 | Blog | Comments (2)

Let’s face it – unless your blog is making thousands of dollars a month, spending an hour to write a blog post is not an efficient use of your valuable time.

They key to many successful blogs is being able to produce a lot of useful content, quickly.

From my research – over 90% of the top blogs post at a minimum 1 post per day.

Most of them post 5 articles or more. So how can we blog faster, whilst still maintaining and producing quality content?

1. Build up your Article/ Writing List

Do you ever sit on your ‘Add Post’ screen and wonder what to write? This is not going to work and often makes things worse.Writers Block

On a physical piece of paper, whenever you think of a good article idea – write it down. This may be from reading other blogs, discussions you’ve had with people, or you may just think it up.

If you take this approach and spend a little time every day adding to your list – you will never run out of post ideas.

2. Plan your Blog Posts

I always like to plan my blog posts in the following format

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Topic of discussion/ info
  3. Conclusion / Summary

If you do this on most of your articles, your readers will appreciate your writing style and layout. It certainly helps make your articles flow in a concise manner.

3. Don’t get distracted by Social Media

When you are writing a blog post, log out of Twitter, Facebook etc unless you Facebook Twitterneed it to formulate your post. How many times have you started writing something then suddenly realise you’ve spent the last half an hour sifting through friends Facebook photos.

4. Write, then Edit

The best way in my opinion to produce your posts is write them out and save as a draft. Then come back to them after a quick break (some people like to come back a day later with a fresh mind) and edit the post.

Whilst sometimes you may have a breaking story that you need to publish and can’t wait long – do try have a quick break, edit/ proof-read the post – and then publish it.

5. Generic Photos help

With blog posting you can’t just have every article being 100% text. You need to incorporate some sort of visual aid such as photos or video. Considering the time video takes to produce and this post is titled How to Blog Faster it’s important that your picture library is up to date.

The other day I have a look through all the pictures I’ve upload to this blog. There are thousands of images over the past 2 years I’ve used. There are many free stock photography sites out there and I encourage you to build up the number of generic photos you could use on many blog posts. This will allow you to quickly pick an appropriate images on posts without have to spend time searching the net for something suitable.


Whatever industry or niche you blog in, look for ways to improve your processes, speed up your content creation whilst still maintaining a high standard of work.

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