How to Build Relationships Beyond Social Media

on July 16, 2010 | Social Media | Comments (0)

With the rise of social media is has become easier for us to all exchange information and network online.

Once initial contact has been made how do you keep the dialogue flowing?

We need to gain control off social media sites and entice our prospects to interact with us in different ways.

Here are 3 ways to help engage your target audience:

1- Build a list of email subscribers

It is important to build a list of qualified email subscribers to market your products or services.

You want an active list that has shown interest in your service. You need to build trust with this list over time to finally reach a sale.

2- Build a blog and blog subscriber list

Keep your blog freshly updated with new content, capture the reader’s attention, be interesting, be controversial.

You want your visitors to become subscribers of your blog via RSS feed or email subscription – have these options in prominent positions.

This will mean they receive your all your blog updates whenever new material is published.

Monitor who is subscribing and entice response where possible.

3. Send email newsletters

In addition to blog updates, it’s important to send an email newsletter with new information, offers and services.

Make sure there is value for your subscribers, offer them free information that will be useful to their business activities so they will want to keep receiving your newsletter.

Any advice you can offer? let me know.

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