How to build your brand with Social Media

If you are looking to do social media marketing or press releases via social platforms then check out our tips to help get your brand out there in the social media world and connecting with your users.

If you are looking to promote your business and brand – traditional PR is still important but we now to need to utilise social media for extended reach.

Consider the following points when using social media to promote your brand:

  • Keep your language simple on social networks to connect with all possible users.
  • Send our brand promoting tweets between 9-11am weekdays. Let users read and ‘digest’ your content, then use other times for answering queries, building your network and customer service.
  • Adopt a similar approach for Facebook – send brand promotional status updates early in the morning on week days for when people are at work but not a lot of work is happening.
  • As part of your branding it’s important to build relationships with people more-so than other brands.
  • Try to get users subscribing to your feed, following you on Twitter, Liking you on Facebook or some other connection online so you will be able to ‘pitch’ to them in the future. Even redirecting them back to your blog can be good as this gets users engaging further with your brand.
  • Make sure any time you put into Social Media branding is measure and you can calculate some sort of ROI compared to traditional branding and press releases.

Have fun promoting your brand on social networks, because if done correctly the results can be bigger than you may expect. If you are doing large scale social media marketing and branding for your business consider implementing a social media policy so all staff know correct procedures and conduct when being ‘social’.

David Cowling : Editor and Founder of I also run a Social Media Agency where I do consulting work and Social Media Management. Connect with me: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook or contact me here. Alternatively, you can send me an email at