How to determine the latest trends on the web?

Many web entrepreneurs wants to determine the latest trends on the internet to create their money making blogs/sites/ forums etc.

But what is the best way to find out the latest trends hitting the web.

There are several tools you should acquaint yourself with.

1. eBay Pulse

This will tell you the most popular searches taking place on eBay at the moment. You can then capitalise on this by create a blog store with these products if you find a close matching URL.

2. Google Trends

Google trends tells you the most popular searching taking place at the moment. While these may not be searches for a product or service, it may be a relevant event where you can leverage traffic.

3. Google Trends for Websites

Similar to Alexa, this tool will tell you the trending traffic statistics for a given site.

Have a look at these sites and see if there are any niches you are currently in or would like to explore.

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