How to Get more Facebook Fans

on August 19, 2010 | Facebook | Comments (0)

What is the best way to generate rapid growth on your Facebook fan page?

1. Generate growth within your own Network of contacts

The best way to start is by getting multiple influential users (whom are contacts of yours) to invite all of their friends to become fans your fanpage. If you can get 20 people each to invite 100 users, and encourage those users to invite their own friends, you’ll start to see growth. Use incentives if necessary such as contests, rewards for joining. Facebook do have some rules now in place when asking people to join your fan page for incentives, but generally it will be allowed as is ok.

2. Update your Fan page with new content, frequently.

This is an important step that will keep users interested and may entice them to share your fanpage and invites other. Interesting relevant content is crucial to a success Facebook fan page.

3. Leverage off your social networks and email lists

Ask people on your social networks to ‘Like’ your Fan page and spread the URL over the various networks you use. When you are sending out an email newsletter or subscription – include links back to your social networks and Facebook fanpage to encourage new registrations.

Lastly, #4 – if you so desire, buy fans or followers.

For example see:

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