How to get more Pinterest Followers

on February 23, 2012 | Pinterest | Comments (15)

So we are all hearing about the latest crazy in the social media world, Pinterest.

This new pinboard social network is getting a lot of media coverage and businesses are flocking to the site looking for new ways to market themselves and their products/ services.

Many of now want more followers! This article will give you some times.

How to get more Pinterest Followers

1. Facebook / Twitter Integration

To get started, connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Everytime you make an update this can post across to both FB and Twitter. If your existing social network contacts have a Pinterest account this will make it easy for them to find and follow you.

2. Fill out your Pinterest Bio

Make sure you completely fill out your profile. You can add your photo, website links, social media profile links, location and an about section. Also make sure you choose a keyword rich username.

3. Add Pinterest Buttons to your Website / Blog

Pinterest offer a range of buttons and Pin it buttons for users to add to their website.

See the following link to get started:

4. Create a Variety of boards

Create a new board for every subject your business/ blog/ company discusses. If you then have relevant content spread it over niche boards. This will help attract followers from a variety of fields.

5. Use Original Content

Don’t get into the habit of reposting any old picture you find on the internet. Try to use your own unique content as this is fresh and will spark much more interest than recycled material.

6. Use Hashtags

Similar to Twitter, use hashtags on your posts. This is how the Pinterest search functionality works (people search on hashtags).

7. Follow other people

Look for other professionals in your industry and follow them. Repin their content if you find it useful, and maybe they will do the same back to you.

8. Pin Consistently

Like many other social networks, if you consistently post new status updates (in this case Pins) this will encourage users to keep visiting your Pinboard.

9. Vary your content

Don’t just add photos, Pinterest can also take videos.

10. Be descriptive with your pins

Pinterest allows you to write a 500 character description with any Pin you upload. If you are uploading something business orientated it may be a good idea to add text for your audience.

Finally, 🙂 please follow me:

Feel free to drop your Pinterest link in the comments if you are also looking for more followers.

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