How to get People Reposting your Content on Facebook & Twitter

If you are a blogger, news publication, brand, business or like sharing your content via Social Media – using Facebook and Twitter is a great way to attract new readers and visitors to your website – and it’s free.

Fact is Facebook and Twitter now has a huge percentage of internet traffic – traffic that is looking for information and looking to engage with brands online.

So if you write a blog or publish news online you will want to post this content to Social Networks- Facebook and Twitter as a bare minimum in my opinion. If you are very business orientated then you may also like to include LinkedIn as your top social networks to engage in.

There are many automated tools which can spread your content to Social Networks in an effortless way (such as,, or These tools will take your RSS feed and automatically send updates to your Social Networking accounts every time you create new content.

This is a great time saver – however using an automated tool to republish your content to social networks is a rather in-personal approach.

Using specific keywords and phrases in your Social Media content can vastly improve user engagement and sharing of your content/articles.

Here are some handy tips when using Twitter to encourage your readers to republish your content to their audience of followers:

1. Try to keep tweets short with a link at the end. This will create intrigue in your article and get more users clicking through to your website.

Also, a short tweet will allow users to RT @ your handle, promoting both your social profile and your content.

2. Assume your audience is an ‘average user’. If you are talking about technical terms try to simplify your language for a mass audience. This will help in getting your content spread to a wider audience than just technical folk familiar with your subject topic.

3. If you have a large and loyal base of followers, from time to time ask them to retweet an important article of yours. Don’t overdo it though, use this tactic wisely and build trust with your audience.

4. Try to publish an important article or story on Monday mornings. This is a good time to get people reading your content and sharing it via Social Media before they get into work for the day.

Now we will look at Facebook – consider the following tips to engage with your Facebook fans:

1. If you are posting lengthy articles, post once per day, or once every second day. This will give your readers enough time to read your content and share it.

2. Similar to Twitter, the audience is vast – so avoid technical terms where possible so you appeal to the wider audience and there will be more chance your content is shared (as it makes sense for an average user!).

3. On Facebook content is shared most on Weekends. So on the weekend it can be a good idea to re-publish one of your previous articles.

4. On Facebook people interact with Photos and Videos much higher than other websites. So with your shares include pictures and video where appropriate.

The more readers that republish your content, the more traffic and users you will get to your website! You are also likely to pick up incoming links from people and blogs who like your article so much, they may source you on their own site.

Go on, give some of these tips ago and see if you can drive more traffic to your online brand or service.

David Cowling : Editor and Founder of I also run a Social Media Agency where I do consulting work and another blog dedicated to Instagram news. Connect with me: Twitter | LinkedIn | Google + or contact me here. Alternatively, you can send me an email at