HowTo: Check if your WordPress theme is secure or not?

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wordpress-security-tools Theme of a blog plays a very important role in building a strong reader base. You can only get readers for your blog articles if your blog theme is good enough to highlight your content to the readers. With all other features you want in a theme, security is the most important factor you should consider when choosing a theme. As we have already discussed about Free and Paid themes, Most of the paid themes are secure. But when you search for free themes, most of the free themes are developed by unknown persons or are showcased in a gallery website where all can upload their themes. This makes the free themes a bit insecure. This post is about security of your WordPress theme.

What makes your theme insecure?

Developers of paid themes are benefited by the money they get from their customers. But developers of free themes do not get any money for their themes. Therefore they leave a link to their site on your theme footer. You should also respect the developers and give them credits but most of the bloggers remove the credits. To solve this issue developers started using encrypted codes on the footer file or on separate files to show their credits. Some developers also add some functions to the encrypted codes, so if you search for the encrypted code and remove that then your blog would start behaving strange or stop working. This can also result in deletion of your blog database. So to make sure your theme has no encrypted code or the encrypted code is not dangerous, you should use this plug-in called Theme Authenticity checker. TAC finds any malicious code inserted in your theme and then you can remove that code. If you want to check what that encrypted code does, you can check this tool, it will decode the encrypted code. TAC

So whenever you search for a free theme always use this plug-in and always download only from trusted sources. We will also feature some great free and secure themes in the next articles.

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