iOS App – Tonight! Releases Major Update

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Australian Social Media startup, Tonight has just released a major update to their iOS Application.

If you are not aware – Tonight! is a social networking app that lets you see what is happening tonight in your area and where your friends are going.

We have seen location based apps like Foursquare tell us where we are right now, but tonight tells you where your friends will be in the future, tonight. This is in many ways more handy – you can get a snapshot of what everyone is up to.

You can download the application here:!/id481557809?mt=8

Here is the press release for the update:

Tonight! , the social network for what goes on after dark, has just released a major update to its acclaimed iPhone app.

The free Tonight! app was launched in May 2012 with a suburb-wide party in Bondi Beach that attracted over 3,500 people. Since its launch, the Tonight! app has been gaining a strong underground following amongst those looking to share what goes on once the sun goes down.

“Whereas Facebook and other social networks are great for being social online, Tonight! is all about being social offline.” said Tonight! Co-founder Robert Kawalsky. “Thousands of nights have been shared across Australia these past few months and with this update the Tonight! experience will be better than ever”

Tonight! has also attracted some ‘not-so-underground’ publicity by being featured on the App Store lists of “Staff Favourites”, “New and Noteworthy” apps and “What’s Hot in Social Media”.

For those not yet acquainted with Tonight!, it’s concept is refreshingly simple:

Each day you jump on the app and, just like twitter, answer one simple question, “What are you doing tonight?”. Whether you’re going out, staying in or still making up your mind, you are able to share your answer with either just a few mates, all your friends or publicly with “the world”. As the day goes on, your feed lets you know what your friends and other people across your city are doing that night so there’s no more wondering what’s going on and who’s going where. Planning your night just got a whole lot easier.

Tonight! also lets you comment on other people’s plans and ‘nudge’ friends to send them a push notification asking what they will be getting up to later. Being built on Facebook connect, Tonight! seamlessly gets you started with your friends already using the app and lets you invite new friends with just a couple taps.

As the name suggests, Tonight! is focused solely on “tonight” with the entire feed resetting every morning. Not only does this mean posts on Tonight! are never more than 24 hours old, it also means your night time exploits can’t be dug up down the track like they can on Facebook or twitter.

With this new update, Tonight! is introducing a number of great new features:

  • A brand new friends screen gives you a visual daily snapshot of what your friends are doing that night
  • Users can now accept or reject friend requests (rather than the twitter-style ‘follow’ setting on previous versions).
  • A new profile screen to make accessing and editing your details easier
  • A number of clever user interface and back-end changes to make Tonight! faster and easy to use
  • A nifty new help section has been thrown in to get you up to speed in no time


Tonight! is an iPhone app which lets you share what you’re doing tonight and gives you a personalised live feed of what your friends and other interesting people are getting up to. Tonight! lets you see which venues are worth checking out and who will be where before ever stepping out the door. By knowing what’s happening ahead of time, not only do you know where you should go (and where you shouldn’t!), you also have time to actually do something about it and not miss out. Tonight! is available for download for free on the App Store.

For more information:

Make Tonight Count
Rob Kawalsky, Co-Founder
0414 596 448

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