iPhone 4 reception issue [VIDEO]

on June 29, 2010 | iPhone | Comments (2)

Steve Jobs has replied to the iPhone 4 reception issue with:

‘There is no issue. Stay tuned’

We can only speculate what this may mean, probably a software update to fix the issue.

Hopefully the issue is fully resolved by the time iPhone 4 units are shipped to Australia.

The below video shows how the reception/signal issue occurs in relation to how you hold the phone.

What do you think? Would this impact your decision to buying the new iPhone?

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  • It would be great if the reception was a software issue but something is telling me it’s an hardware issue? Maybe it will delay the Oz Launch of the phone? hmmmmmm

  • Honeyman

    From the reviews I've seen, the iPhone 4 still has better reception than the 3GS even with the attenuation. So yes, you'll see degradation, but still better upload and download than a 3GS. Especially since the 4 supports HSUPA and the 3GS doesn't. It's a questionable design to be sure; why couldn't they just build in some kind of bridge to prevent the attenuation in the first place? But for the most part it seems the 4 is catching flack for an improvement in quality. I don't have a 4, so I can't test this myself, but I'd be interested to see the 3GS side by side in any showing of 4 degradation issues