Klout Update – Wikipedia now impacts your Score

on August 15, 2012 | Klout | Comments (0)

Klout made a major update yesterday and released some specific notes on how the service now measures online and offline influence.

After summarising these changes, there are the most important points to understand:

What social networking activities impact your Klout score the most?

  • Facebook Likes and Comments on your personal status updates (not fanpage)
  • Twitter Retweets and Mentions
  • Google +1’s, shares and comments on your updates
  • Comments by other users on your LinkedIn updates
  • People ‘Doing your Tips’ on Foursquare

Wikipedia is now a measurement

If you have a Wikipedia page this signals your ‘offline’ influence. Klout looks at the Google PageRank of your Wikipedia page and how many links are pointing into this page to determine the influence score from Wikipedia.

On that note, I don’t believe people should go out and create their own Wikipedia page. I have seen many social media consultants doing this and I don’t believe this is in the true spirit of Wikipedia.

Focus where it matters

For now – YouTube, Flickr, Instagram etc don’t impact your score. But I am hoping they do impact your score later on as Klout develops their product.

The goal is to influence more unique people – and you have most chance of doing this on Facebook and Twitter.

The website is also getting a new interface for users and if you don’t have it yet – it should be rolling out soon. Klout is working hard to make their score more transparent and I believe this latest update does move the authenticity of Klout scores in the right direction.

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