Kyle Sandilands Love Child

on October 6, 2011 | Australia | Comments (27)

I am a long time listener of 2dayFM.

Whilst this is not social media news, this morning Kyle and Jackie-o played a song and then had a conversation on air – I’m assuming they had no idea the Microphones were still live as the topic was rather sensitive – but the whole world could listen in.

Anyway from what I could hear by their quiet talking that Kyle Sandilands was discussing a lady has come forward with his ‘love child’.

I have searched the net and Twitter looking for other reports, but couldn’t find anything. So I wanted to post this up and see if anyone else knows about Kyle’s love child.

I’ve always listened to 2DayFM all day during work, so interested to find out more..

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  • chris

    heard this aswell! I giggled quietly to myself when he commented on the fact that the mother hadn't come forward yet to any press and was glad she went direct to him about it!

  • Anita

    I heard the same thing, than the very long ad break, and now if it's getting bought up on the show they are dumping it….to late now

  • Trish

    I heard it too, I think it was set up to leak the news. It sounded scripted to me.

  • Andrew

    I heard this too – however, I think it was faked. TodayFM and the Kyle & JackieO show have bee known to fake segments etc. Just sounded too scripted and AS IF someone int he studio would not have called in to alert people that their conversation was on air. Guess we will hear the full story in the next few days.

  • Ben

    Yes… I heard this too. At first I thought Jackie was talking because she said she doesn't like the song anymore.. but then they kept going.

    IMO it could be a radio stunt…

  • jimmy

    This was always bound to happen, only a matter of time till they stuff up!
    Jackie also made a bitchy comment about larrys 14million dollar new home

  • Lidia

    yes, I hea rd that too…you can run but you can't hide…the truth will be revealed one day…and how he'll be paying maintenance until the child is 18 years old

  • Val

    I heard this too – what you will find is its a news bom prior to him either announcing something to do with his business IE a new artist, new show etc – if its trueits timed with something which will make him a bucket load of cash

  • Natkim

    Yes, definitely a publicity stunt to get the media talking. It worked! Well done to them.

  • Bonnie

    I heard this too and have tried to search online for something. This is the only thing up about any of it. I must say, deliberate or not, I think they are handling the fallout badly. They are instantly deleting fan posts on their Facebook and dumping those who mention it on air. It's out now, suck it up, make a joke of it, do whatever, but you can't ignore it.

  • chris

    It certainly will keep people listening to the rest of the show! Normally I switch to Nova once i get to work because the music is better but I like listening to Pop Quiz! Jacqui's comments were just poor in taste however… stating she is sick of a song.. and then commenting on Larry's money status etc… I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle did it BECAUSE the mother of the child was going to Woman's Day today… or appearing on larry's breakfast show!

  • sarah

    Completely agree with those that say it's a media stunt. Interesting to see if there is anyt truth to it though & thats how Kyle chose to break the news? Pre-empting a magazine story maybe?

  • sparks

    Nothing being deleted on FB as far as I can see, Bonnie?

  • Nicole

    I heard the segment also, tried to call in while the song was playing but the lines were busy. Surely someone would have called during the song to let them know we could hear them on air. Did sound like a scripted discussion, no swearing and no names mentioned?? Kyle and Jackie O strike again!!

  • Lisa

    Wouldn't you think they'd intentionally break the news NOT over a song if they really wanted to beat this woman to the story? Sooo suss!

  • sparks

    I would suspect that if it wasn't a stunt, the producers would have done everything to keep it from K & J while the show is on. Hence the dumping, etc. Probably to give themselves enough time to get out of town before it's discovered!

  • giaphoebe

    @andrew: I was thinking exactly the same thing! I kept trying to call through while they were talking but kept getting busy tones so I guess the lines were hot!! #sostaged

  • Bonnie

    @spark a few of my friends at work posted on the K&JO facebook and there posts lasted a minute before they were removed. I think it was a scam. Too much of a coincidence he was talking about the mother of his child selling the story to the media. I think it was his way of sabotaging the exclusive

  • Bonnie

    Also, don't they have the station playing in the office? Someone would have run in and told them surely

  • Wingnut2443

    I bet it's a marketing hoax … they've got mainstream media coverage already. WTF?

  • IloveKyleandJackieO

    Well if it was a publicity stunt, they did an excellent job! They've been in business too long to all of sudden have their mics on accidentally and the spill just had to be about his love child. Coincidence? If it's true though… so what if has a child! Children are blessings =)

  • James Kenny

    I've been associated with that show and nothing is an accident.

    Many calls are fake and everything is scripted to get ratings.

    Don't be fooled.

  • SallyH

    Doesn't anyone think it all makes sense now with the timing as to why he and Tamara broke up so suddenly??? Do the maths people! Knd of ironic too after he got Ronan into blabbing about Guy's pending baby a few weeks ago!!!

  • lovekyleandjackie02

    i loved hearing this conversation, be it true or not.
    just love the show and wonder why some people seem to love to hate it and yet still listen?
    They make me laugh and i love them

  • Gina

    I also heard the so called private conversation, what is alarming is the people who were dumped on air if they mentioned it, and that no media have reported on it??

  • The Captain

    Wow…what a surprise, more pathetic shite from Today FM's 'Stars'. Can't say I listen to Today (for reasons to numerous to mention here) but for those that do I guess you get what you encourage and support with your adulation. These 2 (and the station in general) have been pedalling 'risque' inflamatory rubbish forever (anyone remember the underage rape-victim piece of classiness?) I could honestly go on about how incredibly lame and talentless these 2 are but what would be the point? Clearly a large number of sheep-like sydneysiders lap this excrement up, so I hope they continue to enjoy being fed talk and music based drivel for a long time to come. Me, i'll be tuning in elsewhere….

    ps: does anyone think that bloated, goat-eyed testical of a creature could even get laid in the first place to HAVE a child? Let alone have the physical prowess to get the job done 🙂 It makes me giggle.

  • CleanSean

    Haha, reading through some of these comments from 'Fans'…my my how u like to be treated like idiots by your beloved Kyle and Jackie O.