Latest Twitter statistics update

on June 21, 2010 | Twitter | Comments (0)

Twitter recently hit its 10 billionth tweet in February this year.

This has come from about 80 million users currently using the site.

A majority of Twitter’s users and usage has come in the last 6-12 months.

User retention rate is around 40%. Alot of people come and leave.

Many people drop the service after 1 month.

The site has the potential to reach about 10% of all internet users eventually. Currently on around 7.75%

Almost half of all Tweets are pointless updates “im having this for dinner”, “just washed my car” etc.

Most popular days to tweet are Wednesday and Thursday.

5% of tweets are spam.

Generally over 1 million tweets are posted per hour.

1% of visitors that are Twitter addicts account for 35% of visits to the site.

Twitter has high proportion of female users to male users.

43% of topics on Twitter are related to technology
13% foreign events
6% politics and government
5% about celebrities
<1% media / sports

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