LinkedIn passes 2 million Members in Australia

Many of you today may have received an email from LinkedIn announcing that they now have 2 Million members in Australia using the popular business social network.

LinkedIn has also now opened an office in Melbourne and the site now has 20 staff in Australia working across sales, marketing, advertising and recruitment.

LinkedIn have been touting that are getting 1 new user registration every second, on a world-wide basis. This may have even increased even further over the past couple months.

It seems in Australia we have a high adoption rate on LinkedIn signups, making LinkedIn the second most popular social networking site in Australia behind Facebook.

Whilst this 2 million members figure may surprise some people, I have a feeling there may be a fair amount of dormant user accounts comprising as part of this figure.

Regardless, LinkedIn continues to grow as the world’s leading business social network/ tool and more people and organisations are using the LinkedIn recruiting and advertising products. You don’t necessarily need to purchase any LinkedIn products to get value out of the site – even having a free account gives you access to a large business network, that I myself have found many great contacts and leads from.

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