Making your Like-Gate most Cost Effective

on April 19, 2012 | Facebook | Comments (2)

As social media marketers, many of us are using Facebook Ads to build a targeted audience of fans and followers.

I have been looking around at the most cost effective price marketers get when acquiring Facebook fans – $1 per fan? $2 per fan? What are you paying?

When you start a new campaign for a customer and they are in an Industry you have not worked in before – it will take some time for you to start getting most cost effective and optimal results from the ads. Often this will involve tweaking the ads on a daily basis till you get your cost per fan down to a level your customer is happy with.

I always go on to compare the cost of Facebook ads with Google ads. You may pay $1 per click on Google Adwords, but all you are getting here is a click from 1 person right now. With Facebook we are getting that user (for life), unless they unlike your page – which is not really likely unless your Facebook marketing is real unattractive.

So I am running this campaign and I have got the cost per fan down to approx $1.30 per fan. This is a high value niche targeting a select group of women around Australia so I am happy with these results.

No doubt for some industries and niches you can acquire fans for less than $1.30.

You may have seen some larger companies acquiring fans at any price – money is no object and they just keep running a large amount of ads with a large budget.

What’s the best price you have acquired fans through Facebook ads?

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