Microsoft’s Bing redesigns Social Search

on May 18, 2012 | Bing | Comments (0)

Google has been an undisputed leader in the search engine industry and it has dominated the market so much that sometimes people wonder how life was five or ten years BG. So many search engines have been launched in the recent years but none of them has been able to take even a slice of the market from these search engine giant. However, with Bing’s latest move, this company may just be eyeing the entire cake and not just a bite of it.

Bing is for doing 

Bing had always reiterated that people should be able to receive more from their search engine, and it seems that since it was launched in 2009, it has been trying hard to give its users more. However, it is only with their latest move that they have shown that they really have more to offer their users. The new facelift is meant to organize search results more while introducing results from search engines. The search engine results page will feature three different columns. The first column is the algorithmic results which have been generated with emphasis on content and keywords.

Specific Social Results column 

The second column will feature refined results in the form of snapshots and clips. However, it is the third column which is creating a buzz and it is the reason why Bing has set itself apart from the rest. The third column is Bing’s social search column and according to the search engine, it is how social search should be done. The column gives users a chance to connect with friends from Facebook who may have commented or liked a page that is connected to the user’s search topic. The user can then read reviews or get comments on the search term from friends, all this without encroaching on the privacy of search engine users. All the content that is displayed on the search engine is in line with the privacy policy and control set out by Facebook.

Bing searches all public social networking data

But it doesn’t just stop here – Bing Search also goes through basically every social media site we have – Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, WordPress and even Google Plus. Seeing as Google’s Search Plus your World was heavily criticized for only showing social results from Google Plus (and then Google saying they need relationships with the other networks like Facebook for their data). Bing has given them a slap in the face and is indexing all public social media profiles.

Social Media Marketers will goto Bing 

By doing so, Bing has made it possible for users to have all their search needs fulfilled on a single page. The search engine has attempted to go beyond algorithms and indexing of different texts. It has instead linked all the different data that exists on the internet in its different forms and associated it with the object of a search.

Transforming Search to Social Search 

Bing has redefined search by going beyond the traditional role of search engines as a place where information is indexed and displayed depending on a user’s keyword. It has instead made search more interactive so that the users can do something with the information that they get. They can suggestion from some of their friends as well as other trusted sources and by so doing, the social search column is able to achieve its purpose.

Bing is differentiating itself from Google 

By taking this approach, Bing may have just discovered the secret to taking the top spot from Google. This is because the search engines have so many users and sometimes people may have an upward of one thousand friends. This case also applies to twitter as the micro blogging website also has a lot of followers under its wing. Therefore, by using social media networks and views from friends on these pages, Bing will manage to make search results more interactive and interesting.

Google has fierce competition in search and social

Google has been unable to do this because search engines are more of competitors than business partners. This is because Google also has its own social media network, and it is therefore out of any agreement that can be made with the major search engines. Since Bing is not trying to compete with any of them, it is in a better position to partner with the various social networks, which in the end will achieve success.

How will Google respond? Will we see Search Plus Your World refined?

Microsoft is transforming Bing in a huge way, and it is listening to feedback from its clients in order to ensure that it is the search engine that everyone wants to use. However, everybody is waiting to see the response of Google to this change. Therefore, the verdict is out on whether the new revolution in Bing will help it to oust Google from the top position, or whether it will have to stick to playing second fiddle to the most popular search engine. Regardless of the outcome, the social search introduced by Bing is a welcome change.

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