Mobile Browser Market Share, Australia, May 2011

I was having a look today at the market shares for the various Mobile Browsers being used in Australia.

The results are interesting, although somewhat fairly expected in my opinion.

The iPhone (and iPod touch lead the way with a huge market share).

This simply equates to such a easy to use and inviting interface, whereas my experience with other mobile browsers have been of far less standard.

Here the is the graph from statistics.


The actual statistics are as follows:

iPhone – 61.3%
Android – 13.74%
iPod touch – 12.23%
Nokia – 5.94%
Opera – 2.7%
Blackberry – 1.59%
Internet Explorer Mobile – 0.73%
NetFront – 0.69%
Dolfin – 0.2%
other – 0.88%

This goes to show Apple (iPhone + iPod touch) have over 70% of the mobile browser market share in Australia. So if someone is surfing the internet on their mobile device, 7 out of 10 times they are using an Apple product.

Also worth nothing – Android is making good ground and it will be interesting to see how this further progresses over the coming months.

I also expect the Internet Explorer Mobile market share to increase as more people use Windows Phone.

Stats courtesy

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  • Were the statistics you gathered using gained from one website or a range of websites and industries across Australia? Thanks!

  • Stephen81

    As Heather has Asked,

    I'd like to know the range you took the Statistics with,

    Was this data collected from usage of Australia's top 3 search engines, and top 3 News sites?

    And was the iPad OS recognized as an iPhone? because it's lack of presence on the chart is very unusual seeing as it is a Mobile OS, and it's market penetration as well as Internet usage would be very high.

  • Hello,

    These stats were for May 2011 period as per the graph.

    Statcounter get their traffic details from numerous sources, multiple websites, industries, businesses etc. They have a free analytics tool (Similar to Google Analytics) that webmasters can install on their site.

    iPad is not considered 'mobile', as Mark Zuckerberg also said: