“My Shirt Didn’t Match My Human Rights” – Brisbane Gay Activist Bike Ride Goes Viral

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Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

The Youtube clip of a Brisbane artist and gay rights activist riding topless through the cities’ CBD has reached over 2500 views since it’s upload on Thursday.

With the words “my shirt didn’t match my human rights” written on her back, Ashley ‘Illma’ Gore  and made her “artistic statement” in response to opposition leader Tony Abbott’s quote: “I am not somebody who wishes to see radical change made on the fashion of the moment”.

More than the usual Facebook or Twitter rant, however, Ashley decided to take her creative frustrations to the street.

“For a radical statement, I give you a radical response. Today, as an artist and as a homosexual, I will skate through Brisbane topless and well, I guess today my shirt didn’t match my human rights”, she announced on facebook.

But it was later that Ashley decided to ride through the city centre, utilising the council’s city cycle bicycles, with her shirt tied around her waist and of course, a bright yellow helmet for safety.

“I was scared for my nipples” she said, “It was the most nerve-rackingly awesome venture I have done to date”.

But nips and nerves aside, Ashley’s motives are a lot more serious.

“What baffles me is how a human any one human but especially one who wishes to lead our country to speak for the people can refer to a large part of our nations rights as a ‘fashion'” she said.

“We are not statistics we are human beings.”

Watch Ashley ride through Brisbane’s CBD:

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