PageRank Scale – Visual

on April 4, 2012 | PageRank | Comments (0)

If you are a website owner or webmaster, in the SEO world the PageRank of your website is an important metric to monitor.

Google usually updates the PageRank in the Google Toolbar every 3 or 4 months (every quarter).

Many webmasters all around the world hang out for the update – it genuinely brings much excitement to them. I personally think this is going a bit far but is interesting to keep tabs on what your PageRank is and if it is increasing.

The one key metric which impacts your PageRank is the number of incoming links you get to your website. You can look at your listing on if you want some sort of indication about the total number of websites linking to you.

But when it comes to your actual PageRank all links have different weight. A big news website linking to you is like 100 little sites linking to you.

So I have put together this generic chart showing the Google PageRank scale.

The higher the pagerank the harder it is to get to. Ie it is not hard to go from PR1 to PR2, but going from PR6 to PR7 is quite difficult – going from PR9 to PR10 is very difficult.

Basically the PageRank scale is not proportionate at all.

Have a look at your website and the rank – is it good? What sort of rank do other people in your industry have?

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