People using Facebook Places in Australia via VPN hack

on August 27, 2010 | Facebook | Comments (1)

Ok so we know Facebook places is not available in the Australia yet. However it seems when Facebook created the product it may have been a rushed launch – Facebook is restricting access via your location using your IP address. However they don’t even check your GSP coordinates at all.

This post on the mactalk au forums shows how one user got a US VPN account and is now using Facebook places in Australia – and also able to download other geo-locked applications from the appstore.

Personally, i have no problem waiting for Places to officially be rolled out. As by no means am i recommending you use the above ‘hack’ – so to speak.

No doubt Facebook have caught on to people tricking their system like this. They may indeed roll out an updated iPhone application correcting this (without explicitly pointing out this flaw), only time will tell.

It is just interesting to see how die-hard some of these social media peeps are 🙂

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