Running a Facebook Competition

on February 17, 2012 | Facebook | Comments (7)

So you have a Facebook page but not much is happening?

Not getting many new fans? No-one commenting on your updates? Join the club!

One of the best ways to get more Likes on Facebook is to run a competition. Give your readers a reason to Like you!

Facebook has pretty strict terms and conditions when it comes to running a competition on their site. The competition must be run inside an Application – you can’t simply ask users to Like your page to enter, this is against their Terms of Service.

So I decided to run a competition to get more Likes, what did I do?

1. I found something I could give my readers. The kind people over at Wiley gave me a couple copies of Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days by Linda Coles.

2. I went looking for a suitable application system where I could run a competition. Some were charging big money for just one campaign. Seeing as I help and consult with people to help their social marketing I was looking for a more usable and non-restrictive product.

I recommend BuildChatter as you only pay a monthly fee for all their application products. You can see the full suite of applications here:

3. I created my Facebook competition in BuildChatter and connected it to my Facebook page. The whole system guides you through the process. No coding knowledge required.

4. The competition is now live!

Want to win a copy of this book? Go here to enter the comp!

The competition has been live a couple days and I’ve already got 50 new likes with only a tiny bit of promotion, not bad!

The tool is rather advanced – if you enter the competition you get one entry to win the price. For every friend you invite this gives you another entry. If you invite 200 friends to participate that’s 200 entries you will get.

This is how to get viral traction on your Facebook campaigns and a great way to get new fans.

Have you run a Facebook competition? What application did you use and was the campaign successful?

David Cowling : Editor and Founder of I also run a Social Media Agency where I do consulting work and another blog dedicated to Instagram news. Connect with me: Twitter | LinkedIn | Google + or contact me here. Alternatively, you can send me an email at

  • Thank you David. And just a note, we are installing a video tutorial on page and making the controls a little more obvious thanks to your input. Take care and work smarter……..not harder 🙂

  • Hi David

    Thanks for the post, very topical! I'm also in the middle of organising a competition to increase FB likes but also to increase our newsletter mailing list. I wanted to know your thoughts on promoting/advertising the competition on FB but actually driving people to a link on our blog, which is on our site, where they will find entry details, including joining our mailing list…rather than keeping it all on our FB page with an app etc.

    • I am sure David will respond but i thought i would point out that it is notoriously difficult to peel people out of FB. That was the point of the apps. Get fans , engage fans , socialize and convert. All in their comfort zone.

  • Rob

    I started a Facebook comp using North Social ($15 cheaper each month). Not too shaby, check it out –

    • Hi Rob. North Social works fine if you just want a tab. If you want data collection and branding, you want us. Also, no apps are going to help you with only 87 people on your page. Consider dropping 50 to 100 dollars on in FB advertising. Get your numbers up. You will only engage 2 to 3 % of your fans at any one time usually so you want a lot of fans to talk to.

      Prizes, contests, quizzes, gifts, coupons. This will engage your fans. Give away something your fans will value. Promote promote promote. Just like you would in the real world . Its just cheaper in FB.

      You still need people on page though.

  • Tim

    Hi David,

    I just read thru all the restrictions for comps listed on fb site.

    Does the results I get from BuildChatter comply with all of these.

    Wont be much of a promo if my fb page gets blacklisted.


    • Hola Tim. We comply fully with Facebook restrictions on fan interaction and disclaimers.