Sell your Content for the Price of a Tweet

on April 16, 2012 | Social Media | Comments (1)

I came across a great new tool that lets you sell content for the Price of a Tweet or Facebook Share.

We all know how much traffic Twitter and Facebook can bring to your site, not to mention the SEO benefits social sharing now has on your search engine ranking.

This new product – lets you sell a piece of content for a Tweet, IE the user has to Tweet your message first then is given immediate access your content.

This is great for ‘selling’ ebooks, pdfs or reports – or anything that people can download (files)

But it doesn’t have to be a downloadable file – you may have content on your site you would like to highlight and spread. For example I would like to continue spreading the infomation in our 2011 Social Media report on the most popular social networks in Australia.

I have added a call to action in the sidebar where people can spread my message then get immediate access to this report. You can also try it here:

Get our 2011 Australia Social Media Report. Simply Pay us with a Tweet for immediate access 

In my opinion this is a great, innovative tool that again takes social sharing to the next level and I plan to continue using this for future content and reports.

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