Selling Links Violates Google Policy

on December 15, 2011 | Google | Comments (1)

I came across an interesting article in the Google Support directory that discusses Paid Links.

Specifically it says: Buying or selling links that pass PageRank violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Google goes on to say such practices of selling links will negatively impact that site in Google search results.

There are actually many text link brokers out there, and if you are paying for such services there is probably a high percentage Google isn’t counting these links you are paying for.

I personally don’t believe in buying or selling links to boost your PageRank, we need to keep the web open and let people link under normal circumstances on their own accord.

Google goes on to say you can sell links if this for ‘advertising ‘, and in such cases you should add rel=”nofollow” to the link.

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  • No one (in their right mind) purchases links for Page Rank. We purchase links for the value they pass and the increase in authority that the target domain receives.

    People need to be aware that it is quite hard for Google to determine when a link has been sold in order to game rankings vs other intentions. For example if I 'support' a forum by making a donation, they may be kind enough to place a link back to my site. In this case I have not purchased a link for the benefit of PR or to modify rankings and therefore should not be penalized. You are likely to have the value of those links reduced when masses of links start appearing on numerous unrelated websites using similar anchor text.

    The key here is to keep it natural.