Should you Buy Facebook Fans?

As part of your Social Media Marketing and Policy, you may be looking at Facebook to drive traffic to your product, service or website.

A well executed Facebook marketing plan can yeild high viral interaction, so if you have more fans will you have more chance of ‘going viral’? To get more people sharing your content on Facebook it comes down to not only the quantity but quality of your fans, so that leads us to the question – should you buy Facebook fans for your Fanpage?

Firstly, you need to understand if your particular business reacts well to Social Media Marketing, particularly on Facebook. I believe if you understand Facebook well enough you will understand how to use other groups, pages, discussion and various other tricks to market your own Fanpage, get more fans, and people interested in you. Obviously that is different for every business and takes a long time to perfect.

For everyone else, if you don’t have the need or time to research Facebook marketing tactics then buying Facebook fans may or may not work for your business.

If you understand your target audience properly and they react to Social Media Marketing, the getting bulks fans can help, but look for quality;

– purchasing quality Facebook fans specific to your niche
– if you target a geographic area then be picky and only target people in that location
– give your new fans regular status updates and links back to your own website for more info about your update
– try to impress your new fans with a freebie/ deal or information piece that they will find useful and possibly share

If you can build your own fanbase without the need of any assistance then still follow the above principals, keep your fans engaged and entice them to interact with you. There is no question the more Facebook fans I get – the more traffic my website gets. So how can i get 700,000,000 people to like my Facebook page? I can’t but I can still try to organically grow my fanbase as much as possible and ultimately maximise click-thrus/ website impressions.

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