Site showcases most bizarre Facebook updates

In ad-mist all the controversy over Facebook privacy controls recently – a new site has been created to try and get the message across to users about protecting their privacy.

The site aggregates some of the most bizarre public Facebook status updates you have ever seen.

You are able to search on any topic you can think of – and if Youropenbook has indexed a similar status updated it will be shown.

It is basically a search engine for Facebook status updates.

As the site becomes more and more popular the site owners hope that people realise to take their privacy and personal information more seriously.

Seeing one of your friends Facebook this would, err, be disturbing..


Openbook hopes to make Facebook change a couple fundamental sections of their site:

– Make the privacy controls easy to understand and use

– Not change privacy policies without warning users

– Make all news accounts Private by default

Openbook also suggests you should check out which will diagnose your own Facebook profile and let you know about the privacy settings – something that is not as straightforward as it seems.

Openbook has only been operating for a couple weeks and has already attracted 1 million users from around the world with 6 million page views.

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