Snapchat, Sexting Tool or Photo Phenomenon?

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In case you are not aware, Snapchat is a new iOS and Android app that allows users to send photos among their contacts, which automatically delete after a short period of time (between 1 – 10 seconds). If the recipient takes a screenshot of the photo before it deletes, the send is notified, sometimes.

The app now support video sharing on the Android version, and no doubt the iOS version will get this soon.

It is estimated Snapchat users are sending over 50 million photos each day, and Snapchat themselves say their service is up to 10x faster than traditional MMS.

Snapchat users are generally in the younger demographic, many under 18 years of  age. Due to the applications design and automatic photo deletion this has lead to many people using the service solely for raunchy photos and sexting. Snapchat have now put together a guide for parents who would like to understand more about the service and how they can report inappropriate users and even stop their teen doing the wrong thing:

Here is the Snapchat promo video:

It is an interesting service, and of course people do use it normally just by sending funny, dorky, goofy photos – it’s not all naughty stuff.

I signed up to Snapchat recently – got a cool pic, send me a snap: davec85

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