Social Media and Political Elections – launches

The 2010 Victorian State Election will be one of the most socially connected elections in Australian electoral history. will visualize the check-ins of foursquare users on Saturday, 27 November 2010. The website was launched last Wednesday, 17 November 2010.

Foursquare users in Victoria can check-in to any venue marked with a special polling booth icon on Saturday 27 November 2010. Users will be able to share this check-in with their friends on other social networks. The check-ins will be displayed in real-time on an interactive map on the website.

Stephen Reid, the creator of said that the website will assist people in finding their nearest voting booth and hopefully will increase voter participation. The website will also provide an interactive and entertaining way to view the 2010 Victorian State Election.

“The iVoted website will assist voters in finding their nearest polling booth on election day and allow them to share on other social networks with their friends that they have voted, this will help encourage voter participation and interest in the upcoming Victorian election.

“Check-ins from all of the eighteen-hundred voting booths across the state will be displayed on the website with statistics on the gender balance, top voting booths and total check-ins,” Mr. Reid said. requires users to be registered with foursquare and check-in to any venue on 27 November 2010, marked with the voting booth icon. Users are able to register on

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