Social Media Club Sydney roundup 24 May

Tonight i had the pleasure to attend #SMCSYD (Social Media Club Sydney) at the Oxford Art Factory thanks to event organiser Grant Newtown.

Speakers of the night were:

Cliff Rosenberg – Managing Director LinkedIn Australian & New Zealand

Michael Field – Strategy Consultant

The night was focussed on how to better used LinkedIn in your business quests.

First off was Cliff from LinkedIn.

– half of Fortune 500 countries in the USA used the LinkedIn recruiter tool.

– currently LinkedIn has over 1 million registered members from Australia.

– LinkedIn removes fake profiles in 48 hours (im not entirely convinced on that one).

– Globally 1 new member signs up every second (roughly)

– When a lots of employees from a particular company starts updating their profile, it could be a sign something is about to happen (eg redundancies)

– 1.9 million Directors in Australia

– LinkedIn has 3 main revenue models:
1. Premium members
2. Enterprise model/ company/ recruiter
3. Online Advertising, PPC, CPM, job advertising

– 70% of the LinkedIn Australian audience is between 25-52 years old.

– 32% of members have a university degree. Compared with other major ‘executive’ online spaces in Australia LinkedIn is the leader. Yahoo7 is 2nd and NineMSN is 3rd both with under 20% of users having degrees.

Michael Field:

– Most people use LinkedIn as an online CV, address book. Business Developers can use LinkedIn groups to target customers and also polls with advertising.

– Be part of the conversation, reply to groups and discussions

– Sign up to TripIt to see where your LinkedIn connections are moving around for work.

– Build a strong brand on LinkedIn and business will come your way.

– LinkedIn is still a very popular recruiting tool.


Cliff Rosenberg - LinkedIn Australia & NZ MD


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