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on April 18, 2012 | Social Media | Comments (3)

So… you are working in the Social Media industry, and loving it.

You are now a consultant, thanks to your strong personality and sales skills – you have a number of clients that pay you a monthly retainer to do their social media marketing and management. You come across as a real business leader, you go as far as describing yourself as an entrepreneur – self admitted. You like to talk yourself up, good for you.

So far the results for your clients haven’t been very good – actually rather questionable… But you have some great excuses and they stay with you and keep paying you more money.

Maybe it’s your clients product or service, maybe the client just doesn’t know much about social media and measuring the ROI – but it’s important they keep using social media, right? Half the time you are talking to your client you don’t actually know what you are saying, you are just regurgitating some spiel you think sounds good. A spiel so dumb anyone with half a brain can see right through you – wow, excellent work.

You don’t even give much info back to your client, at the end of every month you have a quick chat and agree to keep going, pay more please. There are no monthly reports, excel spreadsheets or any real useful info going back to the client.

You are thinking – sweeettt. I got it great, clients, money, ‘doing something I love’ – you are a real business person. Easy Money..

So who are you? Do you actually belong in this industry or have you just ‘blown-in’?

What is your background? Internet space? Marketing? Communications?

Are you recognised as a leader in the Social Media industry, or just some random with 100 followers acting like a tosser?

This is the harsh reality we need to come to – glad I could help you.
Be different, be real, be honest 🙂

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