Social Media Marketing tips for Google Plus

on October 24, 2011 | Google Plus | Comments (0)

How do we make the most out of Google Plus? Whilst still a relatively new website in the social media arena, I’m looking to utlise Google Plus for Social Media Marketing as more and more users from Australia and around the world sign-up.

So how can we get the most out of Google’s social network?

1. Setup a Professional looking profile

Firstly start with a good profile picture/ headshot. This will be your main picture on Google Plus that people will see in the stream, on comments etc.

Like Facebook you have a ream of Photos at the top of your profile, 5 in total. Use these photos to showcase different aspects of your professional and personal life.

Another important aspect is the Introduction section which is on the About Tab of your profile. Use this to explain what you do an entice people to circle (follow) you. You can include links in this section so also a good opportunity to link to your website.

2. Make your profile Public/ Opengoogle public profile

Google is the most popular search engine, so make sure your profile is public so it will show up in Google Search!

It seems Google is indexing G+ profiles very quickly and who knows may eventually outrank LinkedIn public profiles.

3. Optmise the Recommended Links sectionrecommended links google plus

On the About Tab of your profile you have a recommended Links section which you can edit. In here you should add all the websites you own/ work for, and also add your other social media accounts.

These links are not nofollow, so therefore technically do pass PageRank from Google to these links. This is potentially a good SEO aspect we should be monitoring.

Also all updates you post with a website link also seem to be a regular link and would pass some PageRank.

4. Use the Circles feature as intended

Google Plus Circles are similar to Facebook Friends lists. Create appropiate google plus circlescirecles for your needs – business, personal, colleagues, clients etc. The actual names of your circles remains private.

This feature allows you to be selected and share specific content with the right audience – a valuable feature in my opinion.

5. Post more Pictures and Videos

If you have taken new pictures and videos you want Google to index – post them to your Google Plus profile as no doubt Google will quickly index this content.

By following these tips you will create a professional presence on G+ and maximise Google Plus referrals to your websites and other social networking accounts.

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