Social Media Marketing tips for LinkedIn

on July 6, 2011 | LinkedIn Marketing | Comments (0)

LinkedIn is the largest business/professional social network in the world with over 100 million members. Many blogs and websites are generating a lot of traffic from LinkedIn especially as they have now launched Linked Today news product.

Therefore including LinkedIn in your social media marketing policy is a must for business, bloggers and online brands. Check out our tips below to see if these can help you leverage traffic from LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing tips for LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn allows you to list 3 external websites on your profile – make sure of all these fields with your regular URL, blog, and whatever else you think may be useful.
  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is public with a picture. Everyone else on LinkedIn is ‘getting out there’ and networking, so it’s important to show yourself if you are to do the same.
  • Look at the Questions and Answers section of the site (Q&A), search for topics in your niche and reply to as many questions as you feel appropriate. If possible give a subtle self-promotion as an expert in your space.
  • If you have a WordPress blog, use the LinkedIn WordPress application to import your blog posts into your public profile.
    LinkedIn and Twitter have a deep integration so add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t use LinkedIn a lot you can get your tweets automatically feeding across which is better than nothing.
  • Make sure of the large group function on the site, and create your own groups if you feel you can get users engaging and discussing.
  • You can also add a video to your profile and this is often a good visual way of introducing yourself and your brand to people viewing your profile.

Do remember many websites are getting a lot traffic from LinkedIn, you need to determine the best social media strategy for your business and how to get LinkedIn users engaging with your content. This predominantly a ‘business’ network so don’t be shy to get out there and promote/ pitch.

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