Social Media Marketing tips for Twitter

As part of your social media marketing strategy considering leveraging10-ways-to-thank-your-twitter-followers Twitter as much as possible. Twitter has a very open platform and userbase that is looking for information and clicking through to new websites to find this new information.

Make sure your site is getting its fair share of Twitter attention, have a look at our tips below to see if any of these can benefit your brand or business.

Social Media Marketing tips for Twitter

  • A high number of twitter followers is important. Let’s face it, a big number does spark people’s attention. If you are talking like an expert but only have 50 followers your brand will be perceived different than a brand with 1000 followers. In saying that, it is clear the quality of your followers are more important for you and your brand. Concentrate and work hard on getting quality and quantity of Twitter followers.
  • Make sure you automatically post all your blog posts to Twitter. You can use this through posting automation tools that use your blogs RSS feed such as Hellotxt,, etc.
  • Have a look at our previous article on Automating your Social Media Updates
  • Make use of hashtags when posting on twitter #socialmedianews and find other trending and popular hash tags to take advantage of for increased exposure and ultimately traffic to your site.
  • Tweet regularly and make sure you reply to your @mentions, if you are not overwhelmed. When building your business you will probably get a couple @mentions a day which is easy to reply to, should only take a few minutes.
  • If you have a great piece of content that has gone viral in the past, retweet it every month and see if it gets the same response and traffic. Try rewording the article in the future and post a new piece with some additional information.
  • Generally on Twitter its best to just post the title of your blog post and a link to it. Make sure the heading is great to encourage click-thrus.
  • Again using headlines like ‘top tips to…’ , ’10 best ways to …’ , ‘5 reason you should…’ – writing headlines like this will encourage users to read your content.

We know the power of twitter is strong and Twitter users are looking for new information. Therefore making Twitter part of your social media marketing policy is important and a great way to leverage big traffic to your site. Social is becoming the new search.

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